How to Increase your Ezoic EPMV

I decided to read all the official and non-official documentation to understand how to increase my Ezoic EPMV because I want to make more money.

EPMV stands for “Earnings Per Thousand Visitors”.This is how much money you earn, for every 1,000 visits to your website

Let’s check what the influencers have to say about how to get a better EPMV

Get Traffic from the US

I find the getting traffic from the richest countries in the World funny because it is pretty obvious thing to do.

If you get more traffic from countries such as Canada, England, United States, Australia, you are gonna get more money from Display ads.

If you get traffic from the richest countries in the world, you are gonna see improvements in any ad network.

What I don’t like about this kind of advice is that you might see some improvement in your EPMV and you might think that Ezoic and the machine learning did this and that when it was an improvement in the quality of traffic.

Add more Placeholders

If you have to add more placeholders, I recommend using the Ad Inserter plugin so you have more control over them.

The “adding more placeholders recommendation” sometimes makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t

I recommend adding placeholders in the right places:

#1Anchor ads for mobile, tablet and desktop
#2Sticky Sidebar ads
#3Ads above the fold

That is the recipe that makes sense and that will make you more money whether you use Ezoic, Adsense, Mediavine or any other ad network out there.

You can add as many placeholders as you want, some people affirm that they have between 40 and 75 placeholders

Having 75 placeholders will make you more money?

I think it might but I don’t see how the placeholder added after paragraph 50 can outperform anchor ads, sticky sidebar ads and ads below the fold.

Try adding more in-content ads and see if they move the needle

Find High-EPMV Topics

Finding high EMPV topics is a similar recommendation to getting traffic from the richest countries in the World.

It makes sense 100% but it is like a good practice for all publishers regardless of the ad network they use.

If you decide to move out of Ezoic, these high-EPMV articles will continue making you more money

Write Longer Content

Writing longer pieces of content is another recommendation that can benefit all publishers regardless of the ad network they use.

Longer articles:

  • Keep visitors longer on your site as they try to get at the bottom of your post
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Give more chances to add more placeholders
  • Sticky ads will do better

Increase Line Height and Font Size

Some publishers recommend increasing the line height and the font size.

I know it is another general advice but it makes a lot of sense if you care about the experience that user have when visiting your site

The better your visitors feel, the longer they will stay on your site

My font size is 20 and my line height is 2.

Improve Site Speed

This is another general recommendation regardless of the ad network you use.

The faster your contents loads, the faster the ads will show and that increases the chances of your visitor seeing them.

I use Ezoic caching to make sure the content is delivered as fast as possible, also make the cache hit rate is high

I am not a fan of Ezoic Leap since I don’t need most of the thing it offers and the recommendation it gives spread ignorance about how WordPress speed works.

Focus on Revenue

I don’t usually add placeholders that look spammy. I don’t think sites have to look like trash to make you more money

If you are happy about how your site looks 100% of the time, choose revenue focused


I know that most recommendations given by influencers to increase your EPMV are general best practices and some of them sound like a Master Roshi Exercise

Roshi asks Goku and Krillin to find a Rock with his name written on it that he just threw into the jungle

If you end up getting more traffic from the richest countries of the world or rank for more keywords, it is not something that Ezoic did, it is something that you did and those efforts will make more money regardless of the ad network that you use.

There is no magic or miracles, no ad network is walking on water, you gotta do what you gotta do to increase that EPMV or RPM.

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